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Thank you for visiting the Jim's Gun Supply web site. Located in Baraboo, we have been in the firearm business for over 10 years, offering a wide range of products. We offer buying, selling, and consignment options on most merchandise.  We are committed to providing you quality firearms and accessories and the best possible prices ($25.00 over cost).   We are proud of the long term relationship we have developed with our customers.

Jim's Gun Supply strives to continually improve our professional standards, knowledge and efficiency to assure customer satisfaction and superior service for the future.  Whether you are a novice or experienced with firearms, Jim's Gun Supply is the only name you need to know.  Call or e-mail us for more information regarding our products and services.



DuraCoat is the latest in firearm finishing technology. No other commercially manufactured and packaged firearm finishing system has the combination of versatility, durability, and user friendly characteristics of DuraCoat. We have an ever expanding line of standard colors. DuraCoat can also be custom tinted to any color on the planet (Call us for details). DuraCoat comes in a standard matte or semi gloss (HK) finish. We can custom manufacture any sheen level. DuraCoat can be applied to ferrous metals, alloys, synthetics, woods and more. No preheating required, but it can be preheated. No baking required, but it can be baked. DuraCoat can be used to create endless effects - i.e.: texturing, shadowing, etc... . DuraCoat dry film thickness can be varied from .25 to 1.5 mL. Additives such as prisms and flakes can be used with DuraCoat. The end user of DuraCoat can vary the flexibility to meet specific needs by adding DuraFlex

Aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Ideal for the firearms industry, with resistance to most lubricants, cutting oils, and bore solvents.
Full gloss range available from flat to high gloss.
Unlimited color range.
Excellent hardness and adhesion.
Excellent impact, mar, and abrasion resistance.
Excellent water and chemical resistance.

Conical Mandrel Passes 1/8 mandrel.
Direct impact resistance 100 in. lb.
Reverse impact resistance 80 in. lb.
Salt Spray test 300 hrs.
Pencil hardness H to 2H.

Volume solids 21.0 to 32.5 +/- 1%.
Film thickness can be varied from .25 to 1.5 mils dry.
Flash point 37 to 65 F Pensky-Martins Closed Cup.

Drying: To Touch: 20 min.
To Handle: 60 min.
To Pack: Overnight.
Force Dry: 30 min. at 180 F.
1 hr. at 108 F.

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