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A message to Law Enforcement.

Contact Jim for Special DuraCoat Pricing for L.E. Personnel and Agencies.

We here at Jim's Gun Supply understand that in toady's economy, the Men and Women of law enforcement, who risk life and limb and sacrifice family time to keep us safe, are faced with financial setbacks to their departments, we can't change that, but we are excited to work with you and for you, we want you to have every advantage you can have, you deserve it, so if you feel that any of our services can be beneficial to yourself, co-workers, and department please contact Jim Astle to see what we can do for you. 


Here is some of our work for an L.E. Agency

duracoat_4horsemen1.jpg (69388 bytes) duracoat_4horsemen2.jpg (40151 bytes) Duracoat_4horsemen3.jpg (61018 bytes) duracoat_4horsmen4.jpg (63159 bytes)
Four individualized rifles for a LEA's Designated Marksmen team.

Here is some work for a specialized security force

DuraCoat_Orange_Security_CAR-15.jpg (193094 bytes) DuraCoat_LEA_Bluefurniture_110508.jpg (63635 bytes) Web Officer_w_MILES_3.jpg (37471 bytes)
DuraCoat_Orange_mags.jpg (119525 bytes) Web Officer_w_MILES_5.jpg (36026 bytes)
These stocks were refinished in O' Sherbet and Blue. To distinguish between  firearms setup for Miles training and from live firearms A special thank you goes out to our customer for supplying us with the the photos of their officer in full gear.

DuraCoat_rempss_pred.jpg (77924 bytes)

Special Purpose Firearms


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