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DuraCoat Stock Colors

Woodland Tan Woodland Green Woodland Camo Brown
Matte Black Semigloss Black (HK) Parker
Stainless Steel Colt Grey Aug Green
Desert Mint Deser Beige Desert Brown
Tiger Stripe Green Tiger Stripe Brown O.D. Green
Snow Grey Sniper Green Lime Green
Marsh Royal Blue White
UZI Green Wild Yellow Stone
Deset Mirage Tan Desert Mirage Sand Desert Mirage Lizard
Desert Mirage Brown Urban Mirage White Wilderness Mirage Brown
German Light Green German Olive Green German Blue
German Red Maroon Swedish K
Gold Coast Belgian Brown Jungle Green
Cooler Green Gloss Black Gray Wolf
Combat Green Combat Gray Combat Black
Coyote Brown Under Brush Gold
Plum Brown Burgandy Mesquite
SOCOM WWII O.D. Green Rosewood
Gun Blue Deep Gray Green Light Tan
Pink Lady Gray Green Stock Red
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DuraCoat Electric Colors

Cherry Everglades Rose
Lavender O' Sherbert Sunburst

NOTE: We also custom mix colors for a small fee of $20 extra, to make just about any color you want.

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